pianissimo //// hummingbert ^^

Cloudy, windy or sunny days,

even when it rains this world away..

Whenever I’m all alone,

I wanna say a thousand times of your name.

Windy, sunny or cloudy days,

I can only think of a word to say..

In front of your face,

I really have no other thing than Hello.

And when the rain begins to fall again

Skies are neither blue nor grey

A little bit of gloom and chill in the air

A Hello back from you is just good enough..
to make my day

Sunny, cloudy or windy days,

Things might not seem to go their ways.

I sometimes think of you..

Wonder what kind of day you’re having ^^

Cloudy, windy or sunny days,

Your voice is pianissimo..

I’ll never come that close,

To hear it’s your cloudy, windy or sunny days.

Cloudy, windy or sunny days,

Windy, sunny or cloudy days,

Sunny, cloudy or windy days,

Cloudy, windy or sunny days..


Sings Song Along..

I has such a strange friendship, what you called social networking, but it works with me in many way.. So does the music :) Sometimes I made my way to that kind of friendship, through their interesting works, I found someone has more than enough of what you called; talent..

'Hummingbert' this name caught my attention, because I fond of the cup cake shop in London called 'Hummingbird Bakery' even that is not related in any ways, I decided to add him as my online contact's friend.. He is such a weird and unfriendly-art-people, this is what I feel on the very first shake of the hand to one another. Always he will send me the emotion-icon of rainbow & smile, well, smile icon mostly. Then I started to give that friendly-ugly-joke back to him and I found out that he is quite alone in this own world.. The world that consisted of.. clouds, bird, sunlight beam and every simple things on earth.

That simple things from this simple person can simply turn me upside down sometimes :):):):)

We collaborated in something I lately found myself into it, music and melody, I love writing words with my own meaning but when bert turned that to melody.. The magic happened to me.. Not that he made a very fabulous-masterpiece-song! I just wrote those words, thinking about how life would be for my upcoming age, nothing too sad and nothing too beautiful.. He answered my words with the exact melody like he could read my mind :):):):) And for the last few days, he just finished the lastest piece of music called 'Pianissimo' with a add up on guitar sound, he wondered me about the process of making, because he is a kind of person that surprising to work with.. I've got to admit.. To work with him is magic.. And whoever wrote this song; I think this Bert translate magically.. He is like a curious melody that musician trying to find but stay still is the only way..

Not only lyrics this times, he made me found melodies are interesting more than ever ..::.::.

More than ever..


[ O ] From heritage musuem to chasing the candy cloud!

Chiang Mai welcomed me with a little lightless city view.

Then set foot on the land map, in Chiang Mai Heritage Art Museum, oh! what a name!

Walking around myself, that what I was doing in this picture.

Then began to walking around something more appropiate to this manner.

Then we went to 'Chiang Mai Heritage Internation Festival' or its nickname as 'the balloon festival' that I called it myself alone :)

They said hi to us, by Hang Gliding, so far in the sky so I could not here any.
Well, we stunned with these moments. Captured pictures to some of these.
I found myself in love with the sky. Maybe these supermans drawn me to :)

Almost like an endless face with eyebrows and eyes but not everything actually :)

Sometimes we made ourselved look alike mosquito, hitable, hitably whatever..

and finally we are no one....

The sky look like, it was looking to the left.. to the left :)

And we also had music screaming on the ground, PRANT! PRANT!

I like this girl, like at first sight, which I found out later on that she's one of the bride to get married on hot air balloon.

Is it country of Thailand or else?

Then the balloons began to form 'emselves, fire!fire!

Even almost visitors got themselves took a ton of photos, I still could not take my eyes off balloons, I was like a kid.. stared and stunned ๕๕

Then I found myself behaved like a stalker, chasing that candyfloss, look like a balloon I thought :)

I almost make it!

Then the odds was so slim....

Candyfloss for British English or cotton candy in Americano style, was a colorful cloud to me, that's why I kept chasing it until this very shot.

Just a candy cloud then I stopped and looked at my present as a giant at the moment, I changed, I guess I took a little journey of my own already ;)

Don't spread the news!
I was not a passener for a while :):)



When I was travelling, I still continued my routine like writing poems, less photographing wonderful things but took a shot that we can have it anywhere.. Never taken any significant experiences as a traveller, but never taken for granted as myself. Like this balloon trip all the way to Chiang Mai which acclaims by all my journalist group of friends as a center of art!

What would you do when you got free ticket fly to Chiang Mai, and absolutely 5 stars resident to hit the sack at night? I looked up the sky, don't know why.. think and write :)

I was welcomed by the low-cost plane to flew humbly back home yesterday evening, as a passenger, I was totally obsessed with my quick-recent-status. Travelling always plaster to one's memory, but we treated transportation a bit different especially nowadays, we mostly sleep or passing by this moment. By car, plane or rail, all we do is passing.

'passen' could be a passive form of the verb 'pass' like to be passen for instance.

But the possible can exist, I sometimes feel not just passen, not depend on the vehicles. But when I randomly thought of flying on the airplane as the longer step of us, passenger either traveller, we've got to land our foot somewhere after we approached our walking step. Leg or wing, walk or fly, destination doesn't seem to mind the arrival of mankind. What we harvest, what we choose to appreciate, nothing is the best story ever told until you are stunned by the sky view yourself.

Whether passenger is a precise word in your dictionary, defined in long those years.
I still love passing by, as a passener.